Monday, February 07, 2005


Someone once said to me, “Everything, absolutely everything, is a message.”

His words changed my life.

Everything, absolutely everything, is a message. What are the messages in my life? What do they mean? What is their significance? What can I learn and how can my messages help me and guide me?

Everything in my life, everything around me, is a reflection of what is inside. For 47 years I considered everything around me, the things I can touch and move and feel, to be reality, only now to discover what is really real is what is inside, and what is out there is simply a mirror of the in.

My thoughts, ideas, and questions…my emotions…people who share my path for a day or year or lifetime…words and poems and pictures and events…I will write and post them here to view my thread and understand their connections. You, in the very reading of my words, become part of the shared path. My experience is your experience, and honesty and integrity become my responsibility in the sharing of mine.

While my understanding and learning is in truth in progress, I call this “beginning” because now is the beginning of my writing, tracking, and studying my own reflective messages. This is the beginning of my journal at this level.

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