Saturday, February 19, 2005

Feminine support...

After posting the photograph of the emerging masculine, I realized I didn’t record the source of the photo so I went online to retrace my steps (I did not again locate that shot). During my search through male photography, however, quite by accident this time (if there were accidents) a photograph of a couple was listed. (I have not given time or space to other people’s photography so this recent search is unusual.) The picture of the couple was rich and artistic and captivated me so I downloaded it. The next day (February 20), I printed the photo and suddenly, a day late, I recognized significance of the shot--the feminine is supported by the masculine. She is the one facing the world, she is the one who will be moving and dancing, but doing all while supported, and lifted, and buffered from the hard floor, by him. This is its meaning to me.

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