Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am...

I am my joy. I am my longing. I am my pleasure. I am my despair. I am my questions as much as I am the answers I create. I am the colors around me. I am the air that I breathe. I am the clothes on my body. I am the pictures on my wall. I am the food I choose to eat. I am the drink I pour down my throat. I am my frustration. I am my exuberance. I am what I love. I am that which I hate. I am what I accomplish. I am my unfinished plan. I am the song in my heart. I am the dance that I fumble. I am the words I speak. I am the feelings I repress. I am the messages presented me. I am the gifts I am graced. I am my life. I am my death.

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