Saturday, February 19, 2005

Sacred Circles

This is my first attendance of the Sacred Circles Women's Conference on Spirituality at the National Cathedral. Oh, what a deeply moving, incredible gathering of women--the music, the meditation, the dance, the spirit, the compassion.

I arrived early and as woman after woman joined the gathering, I felt increasing energies of tenderness and strength, of softness and openness, of happiness and expectation, of settled acceptance of depth. The number swelled to 1,630, the largest gathering of women I have participated in and one amazingly without jostling for positions, without personal agendas.

What does the meeting of one person, what does the joining of one group on one occasion, what does one single event in one single weekend do in the fullness of one lifetime?

My understanding is enlarged, my spirit enriched, my priorities lifted, my mission more clearly defined, my practices more committed, my love more devoted...

I feel more than renewed. I feel re-born...

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