Sunday, March 06, 2005

Alan Cohen in Application

So, what does it all mean to read pretty words and clever phrases? What does it all mean to get a good message?

After reading Alan Cohen this morning, I pondered the message, let it seep through my bones. And throughout the day my attitudes adjusted...

For the past month I have thought much, expressed, felt, anguished over "losing" my best friend. But after reading Cohen I began to realize I did not "lose" anything. I gained very much knowledge and a wealth of understanding through this friend. I grew in spiritual depth and in professional development. I had many good times. Lots of laughter. Great conversation. Gentleness. Affection. Friendship. Lots of sharing. I am bigger. And better. And stronger. And deeper. And richer. For having known him. Any struggles we had are not in this moment and no longer exist. Is there anything I no longer have that I had before knowing him? No. I only have "more." There is no loss. There is only gain.

And I did not "lose" him because one cannot "have" another. I can "have" only what one gives to me, and that I cannot "lose." I have the gifts, and they are mine to keep. I am left with gifts and memories. It is not possible to "lose" at all.

There is only gain...

And messages, whatever their kind, are for application.

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