Sunday, March 06, 2005

Catching up

How quickly and easily one day turns into a week and suddenly I am without having posted my words and messages during that time. Last weekend when I read the book Chasing Rumi, after reading the first half I noted what was numinous for me to that point. I returned to the book and finished reading it but ran out of time to write further. As my week progressed I did not continue my writing in this post because I still had not completed my Chasing Rumi reflections. And as the week progressed I found it more difficult to complete (I recognize the importance of my noting everything of significance I read--it is the best way for me to learn from the message). So, not only did I miss a step in my parade, I stepped out of the parade because of that missed step. Better a march with one missed step than an unfinished parade...

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