Monday, August 22, 2005


i walk gently
this is a holy place
a whisper is like thunder
a breath feels like the wind

i stand within
reflections of my image
refractions of my light
i am the mirror of mySelf

i touch the very things
that make my life my own
accept my own perfection
in my imperfect ways

i step carefully
sweet treasures at my feet
my gentle touch is called for
my softest voice required

my spills, my falls, my blunders
my messy starts and stops
create the path i walk on
become the crown i wear

each broken part
each healed and mended
gives greater strength
than if no break occurred

for every time i'm broken
every time i trip and fall
gives way to still more strengthening
makes room for one more light

my failures aren't for mourning
my mistakes not for despair
for these my precious jewels
my gifts that bring me sight

posted with permission of the artist graham jeffery

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