Monday, August 29, 2005

life's definition

life is filled with myriad moments, many of them various flavors and differing tunes. each blog posting is a bit like a photograph, a snapshot of a given moment different from the one that precedes and the one that follows. life captured in a blog is limited to the moments chosen for subjects of posting. what i plan for posting can suddenly be changed by a moment that follows.

what i planned for today has suddenly been changed.

within the past few hours i have learned two people dear to me are gravely ill. a cousin, the closest one to me. and a sister, who feels like a twin. and this sister most dear to me has been pronounced with cancer of a most serious kind.

what else could i possibly write about that matters to me now.

it is at a time such as this i am reminded the only truth of life is in the people we love and how we express that love to each other.

oh the jostling and the fumbling and the struggling in a relationship, the frustrations and the pain. the sometimes anguish. the many times difficulties.

but the growing and the learning and the laughter and the joy and the fulfillment and the pleasure and the gift of being able to receive and to give.

our life is defined by what we love. who we love. and how we love.

let me love deeply and honestly and consciously.

at any given moment, let me be committed to and faithful to that which i love.

let me be pure and holy and generous to those who love me.

for the people in my life are my truest reflections and my richest gifts...

photo posted with the loving permission of artist marc goldring


serendipity said...

Hello Diana,

I am enjoying your blog very much and wish to add to my "interesting blogs" (blogroll you - I hate that term so I don't use it very much) if you don't mind.

Please visit my blog for reference: .

Thanks and have a lovely day!

feminine expressions said...

serendipity, i am honored by your request, and you are most welcome to include my posting in your "interesting blogs."

your site and your expressions are truly lovely...

serendipity said...

Much obliged! I am glad you also enjoyed the Rumi poem...