Friday, August 26, 2005

synchronicity continued

i will be giving a speech in chicago next month.

i will be giving a wonderful motivational speech as the featured keynote for a conference of several hundred business people in an industry i have never touched with a language i don't speak.

i have wondered where to begin and how to start.

but the Universe has gifted me far more than i could have designed.

the company hiring me is in jacksonville, florida. the conference will be held in an elegant hotel in chicago in rooms that overlook the water. of all the hotels in all the cities across this country, the company chose for the event to be held in chicago.

i know only one person who lives in chicago, a man my age, a cousin i grew up with in ohio.

i called him on the telephone.

this cousin happens to be the only person i know in the business that equals that of the conference i will address. he started his business five years ago, a burgeoning, blossoming company that now houses three corporations. and his largest customer is the company in jacksonville that hired me to speak in chicago.

the Universe has gifted me an inside look at the industry and a coach for the language, and has provided me a real-life model for illustrations of success. God is lovely.

synchronicity is Divine.

used with the loving permission of photographer marc goldring

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