Wednesday, August 31, 2005

you have cancer

nothing changes everything more than these three words.

perhaps we face our own death in much the same way we face our own life.

she is an amazing woman...a sister, angel, queen, goddess, and teacher in my life. and i watch her respond to these words with the same strength, humor, courage, wisdom, and grace that she has lived every experience that precedes this one.

her facing death now pulls me more deeply into the present moment, brings me greater awareness of the value of everything and the importance of living the love we are gifted.

how is it we spend so much of our lives pretending we will never hear words such as these. or that somehow this is so far in the future as to have none effect on how we live now.

how can we be so foolish as to waste anything.

especially the people in our lives.

photo posted with the permission of artist graham jeffery

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