Thursday, September 08, 2005

life as a mirror

i have from time to time been complimented (even by complete strangers) on my ability to park a car precisely and to do so in impossibly small spaces. while i can attest to its being a matter of geometry, its accomplishment is clearly a result of knowing how to manipulate a machine through the skillful use of mirrors (i had a good teacher).

more astonishing to me is someone who performs surgery using mirrors or images on a screen to view the patient. how can one execute such meticulous maneuvers by watching a reflection instead of viewing the organ being repaired or removed? astounding...

our experience with life is something akin to that.

our work is to discover our own selves and our means to do it is through the use of our mirrors. everything in life is a mirror.


i remember not so long ago in my beginning lessons leading to this understanding when someone said, “you are able to see only that which is within you.” and my response to her was “but what i see most clearly is the beauty in others.”

“exactly,” she replied, “and the beauty you see is the beauty in you.” it was the beginning of my discovering life as a mirror.

of course, i learned the converse is equally true, in the things that annoy me and irritate me in others also being reflections of something inside me.

recently i listened to a friend’s rebuke against men, anger even, in defense of women. surprisingly, i found his words to give a keen description of himself in ways he did not seem to see. i thought then how deeply life is a mirror. my discussion, of course, is not about my friends and their ability or inability to see themselves in their own descriptions. my witnessing this exchange is my cause to look closely into my own descriptions and to pay close attention to those things that create a strong reaction in me.

these paragraphs are but an introduction to the work i am doing.

my absence from posting here during the past few days is not indication of inactivity but rather is a reflection of my work being too much to capture in sound bites. i work hard to tease apart what i am feeling and thinking and then devote myself to being able to capture it in words. sometimes it takes a little while...

i have so much more to continue on this…

photography by ron porter


Chai Anyone? said...

It is true. I have read it in many places and have experienced the same to be true in my life as well. Everything in life is a mirror. And although the beauty you see in others lies in yourself so does the not so beautiful. In turn if we are able to understand this it makes it easier for us to know where it is we need 'fixing' if we wish to do any. Nice blog.

diana christine said...

chai ~ namaste...