Monday, January 16, 2006

learning from "king"

i usually return to read my writing again and again to seek it for all its messages, all its meanings. writing and reading "king" has been significant to me.

if we are an extension of God (as expressed by some disciplines), if we are God's hands and feet (as expressed by other disciplines), then it seems God is experiencing humanity through our personal experiences. if i am "king," it is because God seeks to experience kingship through me. if i am "not a king," it is because God seeks to experience what it is like to be not a king. this makes every experience deeply holy.

i am usually pretty hard on myself. i am disappointed when i take a long time to understand, when i wrestle with a problem, when i fumble with life. and yet, if God is experiencing life through me, if every experience is deeply holy, then my own struggle is holy too.

knowing this makes me soften and accept the beauty of my own struggle.

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Premadasa said...

Hi Diana!
I enjoy reading your insights about life ! They mirror my own very closely ! This post mirrors exactly what I have been feeling lately.. "knowing this makes me soften and accept the beauty of my own struggle."
I recently realized how harsh I am to myself most of the times and have been trying to soften up on me and letting me learn from my struggles instead of beating myself up over it :o). Thanks for validating this. It helps to have someone mirror your self back to you and I thank you for being such a wonderful mirror to me !
God Bless.