Monday, January 16, 2006

post script to intuition

my greater depth in being able to feel my inner Guidance has come from my own commitment to follow it. someone once said to me i must take my ownSelf seriously, be committed to my own Guidance and my own language. i had never treated mySelf as i would treat another, one that needed me or responded to me. i made a deal. i would be attentive to every Intuition that came to me and i would pay attention to what did and didn't work out. as the Universe would see my commitment and my following through, i would become as much trusted by It as It would be trusted by me. this i learned from what someone once said to me.

i started with little things. i would be rushing out of the house on a clear-blue-sky day and a tiny voice would say go back for my umbrella. my commitment was to follow it and i did. anytime i accidentally overlooked or brushed aside the little voice, i noted the Intuition had been correct. and i always give a spoken thank you for every Guidance given. this has become a wonderful new way to live and i am beginning to find Direction in bigger, (seemingly) more important things. but the practice began with the small stuff.

i enjoy less stress as my Guidance increases and i get to think less and follow more. and my life is unfolding with much greater awareness and perfection...

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