Sunday, February 05, 2006

eating habits

it seems nothing gives me more relevant, more clear messages than my exploration of eating habits. these, my eating habits, have become some of my most powerful metaphors.

i have looked at desire, addiction, and craving from every possible angle that i may understand it in my own life. craving, separate from the body's natural hunger for nourishment, is a want for something more. wanting to have something more is the same as wanting to be something more. craving is an expression of a belief in insufficiency and want. craving anything is a reflection of wanting to be more, feeling insufficient. my desire for food when it is separate from physical hunger tells me i feel i am not enough. it is not about food at all. my work then becomes not about resisting the desire to eat more than i need but rather my work is to discover how and why and where i believe i am not enough.

this is a very big work.

photo by permission cindy lee jones

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