Wednesday, February 22, 2006

emptied to become full

empty me of my pretensions
empty me of all my pride
empty me of my objections
empty me of fears inside

make of me an open vessel
create of me a pitcher true
for only in my courage to be empty
can i know the fullness of you


Chai Anyone? said...

very nice. sounds like something from eastern philosophy. its what our guru teaches us.

Premadasa said...

Thats beautiful Diana.

There is a story of an Indian saint that once visited a house to ask for food as is the custom in India. The house was inhabited by an old lady who had suffered much in life and had found little to be happy about. The hunch on her back reminded one of the heavy burdens that she carried. On seeing the saint the lady spoke in a cold and sarcastic tone to him. She demanded that if the saint was a true saint then he would rid her of all her troubles and grant her happiness. The saint smiled calmly and said to the lady that he would fulfill her request if she would only fill his container with some food. The lady took the container inside and when she opened the container she found it was filled to the brim with dirt. Angrily she went back and confronted the saint demanding an explanation for this outrage. How was she supposed to fill a bowl that was already filled to the brim with dirt. The saint smiled at her knowingly and walked away and in that moment the woman understood.

Moral of the story: Only when we are emptied of all the dirt inside (fear, anger, hate, jealousy etc.) can we open to receive of the gifts (love, joy, goodness, compassion etc.) that lie in store for us.