Tuesday, February 21, 2006

equal truth

in being without desires,
you experience the wonder;
but by having desires,
you experience the journey.

yet both spring
from the same source and
differ mostly in name.

tao te ching

walking in this place calls for my greatest care. i worried that yesterday’s posting could have been misleading. i deeply honor the choice of another to seek enlightenment and in truth make every effort in my own life to live Spirit First. however, i do seek to encourage awareness of pursuing Spirit from a place of seeking greater depth rather than from a place of feeling inadequate. i deeply honor the life chosen to seek enlightenment.

those who choose to live a life separate and immersed in S
pirit are not only beautiful but are needed in our world. those who choose to live a life in exploration of the physical experience are in equal beauty, equal truth…

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