Friday, February 24, 2006

more on being filled

in the early morning hours today i came to deeper understanding of the short poem on becoming emptied. at the time of the writing i felt the significance of the empty vessel being a pitcher, for this kind of vessel is not only filled but also poured out. my being a vessel is not for holding but for receiving and for pouring out.

during the early morning hours i felt deeper understanding.

our world is about "flow through"--breathing in and breathing out, receiving and releasing, holding and letting go. the rhythm of life moves like an ocean and flows like a breeze. we, too, are part of this same life and we are vessels for flowing through, not for holding.

if we do not allow ourselves to become emptied, if we have not this courage or this strength, what pours from us will be contaminated by what we have been holding, possibly even coming only from stagnant waters and none from Source and flow-through.

my work is to allow the Spirit to flow through me as clearly as possible from Source without being compromised by my attachment to something in the past, by my judgments, my opinions, my holding. listening and responding to someone without making it my own story, receiving and delivering truth without giving it my own spin. life, flowing through me.

may it be ever so.

empty me of my pretensions
empty me of all my pride
empty me of my objections
empty me of fears inside

make of me an open vessel
create of me a pitcher true
for only in my courage to be empty
can i know the fullness of you

photography by permission cindy lee jones

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