Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i have a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a beautiful abundant bouquet gifted from a loving friend. i received the flowers many days ago and as the week unfolded the flowers became ever more lovely and fragrant, opening to greater beauty and incredible strength. last night as i adored this banquet, this floral feast, i noticed that while most of the bouquet had opened and flourished, three of the lilies were still tightly held. the flowers surrounding were in the beginning stages of diminishing and i noted these three blooms never progressed past being buds. they, i decided, would never be full grown. i would enjoy their loveliness as beautiful white buds, though, and give thanks for what they were as they were.

this morning i awakened to three stunning newly opened pink-and-white lilies. gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful, strong open lilies surrounded by others in various stages of beginning to wilt. i was so delighted with my brand-new lilies i gathered them up and carried them with me, a beautiful bouquet in their own right.

this became a lesson to me. new beginnings happen at any time. new life begins every day. and sometimes, some of the strongest, most beautiful things need more time in the bud than everything else.

this day i enjoy my lilies and enjoy the awareness of my own ever-opening, ever-awakening spirit.

photography by permission of the artist cindy lee jones
post script
more time has passed and two wonderful new lilies have opened. i have a banquet of lilies around me even though the roses and tulips are long gone. i even have one remaining bud that holds promise of even more opening. my world is fragrant and brilliant (for lilies are indeed glorious) with flowers that continue to open and bloom. no matter i thought the bouquet dying, new life continues to unfold...

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