Tuesday, February 14, 2006

this warrior is a child, this woman, a girl

the world seeks my confidence
demands my strength
calls for my being everything
if not the best i can be

i struggle
fight to find my way
give it everything i have

only to discover
at times
my armor begs setting down

i thought being right
meant always being good
i thought being good
meant always being strong
but the truth of the matter is
i cannot hold my strength
without stepping into
the weakest part of me
and i then learn
without my weakness
i have no strength

and being good
isn't always right

behind each victory

is a struggle surrendered
beneath every gain
a concept conceded
for without submission within
i have no conquest without

this warrior is a child
this woman is a girl
yet i carry the shield
required of me
wield it bravely
carry it true
and never lose sight
of knowing
this child is a victor
a champion, this girl

photographic art by permission

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