Sunday, February 05, 2006


i spent most of my life believing walking on water is the miracle only to discover my miracle is in being under it (inside it).

i spent quite some time this morning practicing swimming (particularly my kickoff and my glide) and working on increasing my ability to stay underwater. i love it more than i ever could have imagined.

my very first time several weeks ago and every time since, i am in awe of my being in the water. what an incredible joy, what an amazing surprise to be swimming after all these years of wishing it were so. somehow there was a part of me that believed i could not learn, a part of me that accepted not knowing how.

being here now, this is a miracle. being under the water, moving in the water, is every bit the miracle to me as walking on its surface.

and i couldn't be more pleased.

photo by permission cindy lee jones


Jon said...

Diane, you have a wonderful blog.

I wanted to invite you to Scripture reading group I recently began at Yahoo! groups. It's WisdomReading. Stop by and check it out!

diana christine said...

hi jon, thank you for your lovely invitation. your WisdomReading group is especially meaningful for including various scriptures, not only the Christian Bible. at the moment my time is filled and i am unable to add such a participation to my life but i wish you much success.

your website is beautiful. today i read your much older entry on eckhart tolle's power of now (one of my favorite books).

well done, my friend, a really nicely presented site.