Saturday, March 11, 2006


it used to be
i found myself in storms
and in their passing
devastation was my lot

i buoyed myself
built my strength
sought to find a way
that i may persevere
and remain intact

when storms arrived
i fought
only to find
wrestling with the winds
even with newfound strength
left me spent, beaten
broken inside

time passed
(as she so eloquently does)
and today i noted
storms come and go
and raging winds
seem no bigger than whispers
and in fact
what once were gales
tearing through my soul
now seem but friends
who join me from time to time
on my own path

i looked inside
at how life has changed
and wondered for a moment
what might have made the difference
and i saw
it was not greater resistance
that has changed the way things are
for bracing myself against the storms
didn't bring about this change
but instead
this new way
of no longer breaking from the wind
came from my finally recognizing
that i
am the storm

photography by permission cindy lee jones

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