Tuesday, March 14, 2006

you are holy

you sometimes wonder many things of your own self. you try to be right. you want to be beautiful. you wonder if you are good, or at least as good as you believe you ought to be. you are truly and deeply all of these things. even more than right and beautiful and good, you are holy. you are holy. you are holy.

last year I explored the meaning of holy and of being holy (
here) and found the definition to be "sacred, belonging to or coming from God." today i searched a little more and found the definition to be "set apart for the worship or service of God." dear one, you are holy, and i am holy. we are sacred, coming from and belonging to God. too, we are set apart for the worship or service of God. our work is holy. someone once said to me "cleaning bathrooms is holy work and cleaning the temple is holy work; either all of it is holy or none of it is holy." this is true, the work that is placed in our hands is holy work, and we are holy. the challenge, though, is in our becoming aware of and living up to our own holiness.

a treasured friend suggested holy means "being whole and bringing all the unloved parts of oneself into Oneness" and expressed his desire to become so. i asked that he take a closer look. we are in the sight of God a whole and complete being, even in our brokenness. perhaps, even, because of our brokenness. (God sees us as we Are; only we see the perceived imperfection.)

a friend of mine, an author of several books, often uses a metaphor from an experience of her own. she once had a car accident that gave her an injury, an injury that later led to her growing and deepening. in the accident a valuable vessel on the seat next to her was also injured (although the crack in the vessel and the crack in her shoulder did not become apparent to her until some time later.) she uses the illustration of the cracked vessel as one that without its crack cannot let the light in or let the light flow outward. where we are broken is where our Light can shine. our brokenness is for a purpose, and our being not whole (or perceiving that we are not whole, for in truth we are whole but not conscious of it) is a gift to God and the Universe and to our own selves. we do not "become" holy by becoming whole, we become whole because we re-cognize we are already holy. i feel it so clearly yet i am sometimes uncertain if the deep things i feel are expressed in a way that others can feel them too.

you are deeply, wonderfully holy, set apart for and emanating from God. holy is your state of being. holiness is your Truth.

one could suggest that believing in being already holy would lead to one no longer making an effort to live a holy life. however, recognizing one's self is Holy does not bring careless attention to living a pure life, but rather, the more deeply we recognize our own holiness, the more deeply it is reflected in our compassion and in our purity of living. true knowing that we are Holy brings its true reflection. this has unfolded beautifully for me. as i come from the belief in a separate authoritarian God and a fire-and-brimstone hell and come to recognize my Holiness, i discover greater depths of integrity. i have been surprised to discover greater devotion to integrity now that it comes from within rather than its being to avoid something without. our work is to come to see our own Holiness.

please know you are beautifully and wonderfully holy.

you are holy.


Premadasa said...

Hi Diana,
This is a beautiful post and touches on something close to my heart. My heart finds much joy in the contemplation of holiness and what it means to 'be' and 'feel' truly holy. Your friend echoes my thoughts when she so elegantly puts it "holy means being whole and bringing all the unloved parts of oneself into Oneness". This has been my journey, to heal and bring back my shattered self into oneness. In truth it is the journey that we all have chosen to undertake, consciously or unconsciously.

I loved the part where you said "where we are broken is where our Light can shine". Indeed God takes the scars on our hearts and turns then into magnificent shining stars. It is only in our brokenness that we look towards God. It is rare to hear of a man living a life of comfort and in no want whatsoever pray fervently for God. It is only when we suffer in our brokenness and cry to God do we open a channel for God and allow him to enter our lives and help us heal. There is a saying that I like very much and it goes like this

"God is closer to sinners than to saints".

There is an explanation that goes along with it as follows:

"God in heaven holds each person by a string. When you sin, you cut the string. Then God ties it up again, making a knot - and thereby bringing you a little closer to him. Again and again your sins cut the string - and with each further knot God keeps drawing you closer and closer." ~ taken from Power of Myth by Joeseph Campbell.

"we do not 'become' holy by becoming whole, we become whole because we re-cognize we are already holy". It is indeed our misperception that causes us not to recognize that we are holy. The misperception arose due to our initial fault of thinking our selves separate from God. Thus we gave rise to an identity that sees itself as separate from God even though God sees us as being parts of him and in oneness in all ways. He sees us as holy being as his vision is clear and true, we see ourselves as unholy (read un wholly; not whole) since we do not see in a clear light. This is why we can not perceive our holiness as long as we perceive ourselves to be separate from God. To put it simply God is holy and we are all Gods and thus we are holy and everything we do is holy. This is the true perception.

Thank you for this enlightening post and for inviting me to partake and share in your thoughts.

Namaste (the divine in me honors the divine in you)

diana christine said...

dear premadasa...

what joy comes to my heart to have your friendship, your communion in this conversation. for some time i have been deeply aware of the reader being as much a part of the writing as the writer. we make such a fuss over the writer of a thing (when in truth it comes from Source) with little awareness of the reader playing an equal role. the reader belongs as much to a writing as the writer. you, though, are more than a reader in my writing, as you join me in conversation in the things that are dear to me. you not only participate but you stimulate my work. i am forever grateful for such a gift.

God is closer to sinners than to saints. what a wonderful expression. how lovely and how true this seems to resonate with me.

"we do not 'become' holy by becoming whole, we become whole because we re-cognize we are already holy." i believe i received from my expression more than anyone else who reads it. after the writing i have read it again and again and have come to ever greater understanding of so beautiful this truth. how wonder-full.

thank you for who you are and for all you do, for your presence in my life.

diana christine