Thursday, February 08, 2007

2007, a whole new year

as the calendar turned from 2006 to 2007, my life took upon changes for which i am deeply grateful.

this is my fiftieth new year and what better time is there than now to deepen my experience and become more faithful to my own path.

on the last day of 2006 i left my secure job to come home to pursue my writing and my speaking. i contracted that I will train an audience one week each month and i will then write and edit during the remaining three weeks. this is more wonderful a gift than i can find words to express. i have cried many tears with much joy in this gift from the Universe. to be free to do what my heart desires…there is no greater gift.

in continuation of changes to support my life’s work, during the month of january i became debt free for perhaps the first time in my life. my heart is filled to overflowing even now in my putting those words into print. while we often feel that circumstances and events happen “to” us, we all know that we create our world and our experience. i have suffered the experience of debt, of obligation. it seems to me we take on debt in a similar fashion to our taking on unnecessary weight of any kind (such as body weight or clutter weight or task weight). i had created for me a world of obligation and finally in this fiftieth year i am debt free at the same time i am become free of obligation to a boss or to a corporate clock. i am humbly thankful for so great a gift.

i want to share with you as my journey progresses this year and as i struggle to learn (for indeed learning and growing continue to be a struggle). i want to share many of my lessons along the way. my purpose in this post is to let you know the underpinning of my current experience, and my continued writing will be to discuss some of what is opening up to me.

someone discovered how it is that i am at home pursuing the work i love, and she queried if i am “independently wealthy.” i smiled, for i have no such wealth (in truth my courage is bigger than my bank book and my faith is bigger than both). but i have the wealth of enough money to get started (and with no debt) and i have work scheduled along the way to continue on this path. i am of necessity more frugal than i have been in a long time, but even this seems to be a holy practice. i am much more mindful of all that i spend and all that i consume. how important a practice this.

along with the writing and editing, i have made a commitment to physical fitness (it is also part of a writing project). i began the year with a cycling class and each week added a new discipline until now i am in my full program. every week i have several sessions each of cycling, yoga, weight lifting, and swimming. some of my messages from the Universe come through my fitness practice and from my teachers of such.

in the beginning of january i felt an incredible sense of freedom. i was surprised by how profound a freedom i felt in not being obligated to an office, to a timeclock, to an employer. i have settled into less exuberance in my freedom but continue my awareness of its profound gift.

while i am in a most beautiful place, it is not without struggle. on the first day of the new year i suffered food poisoning. i was terribly ill and in some of my moments i felt i would surely die. i spent several hours in extreme pain until the room began to spin and i fell to the floor. suddenly on this first day i thought about the fact that i had not yet paid for my new health insurance and in this moment i realized what it must feel like for someone unemployed or someone outside that net of safety. it was a horrible feeling knowing that whatever was wrong with me could cost me more than i could repay in the rest of my lifetime if i had to go to the hospital (and i could certainly be in debt forever). fortunately i did not require medical attention, i survived my excruciating pain, and several days later i recovered from its lingering effects of dehydration and such. (and i bought my health insurance under which i am covered for the next several months.) i then went about looking for some of the messages contained within this experience and one is that of a call to my attention to what i am eating…what i am taking in whether it is something i am eating or reading or hearing. be attentive to what is allowed into me, that it be holy and pure, that it be such as to contribute to the intention of my journey.

and my year begins….

beautiful photography by permission


Yankee, Transferred said...

Wishing you many blessings on your journey through the year.

diana christine said...

yankee ~ i do so appreciate your blessings. i am deeply grateful for all that is happening within me, and i shall continue writing how the Universe is opening to me. again, thank you for blessing me.