Wednesday, February 14, 2007

greater trust

i wrote in my february 9 post practice that i seek greater trust in the Universe...a deeper practice of trust and a greater understanding of such trust.

i considered this very deeply. if i believe in something more than my physical self, if i believe in God, then what would it mean to trust this, truly trust what i believe, and what would that kind of trust feel like?

i have sought to live this kind of trust and now bring it into practice. it feels awkward to use the word "practice" regarding trust, for trust feels more like a way of being than it feels like a practice, which may sound to some like action. on the other hand, our actions are shaped by the presence or absence of trust.

i spent much of the past two years exploring spiritual places through my meditations, and the depth of my meditation experience has become the foundation for my state of trust. i now know how i am held by the Universe, how i am supported and guided, and that understanding has led to the birthing of trust.

i practice trust, but i could not do so without the silence or without listening closely. trust is an active practice in the sense that i must be attentive to my Guidance and to that which is within, not only in the work of listening for the Guidance but the willingness to follow its lead. it is a careful practice.

my writing of trust appears to be "spiritual talk" or perhaps some sort of philosophy, when in fact, the practice is quite physical. as a writer who is working at home without the assurance of a paycheck, my life is an expression of trust.

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