Tuesday, February 20, 2007

message in the music

someone once said to me, everything, absolutely everything, is a message. i have become committed to listening for the messages from the Universe in its direction for my own path. i listen for the messages in conversations around me, in signs and signals that seem to be illuminated as they come into view. this becomes my direction; this becomes my roadmap.

i love the sound of a single note, a perfect musical tone in wind instrument or string or piano, or in voice. one single perfect sound carries me to a spiritual place and moves me to tears and i am opened and i am cleansed. i often give myself music that connects me to the Universe.

as i was practicing yoga one day, a tune was poured from the speakers that caught my attention and i was immediately in love. following the class i sought out the teacher and asked who was the lovely voice on her cd. "
state of grace," she replied, and explained that she had purchased it that morning simply on the sound of its title. i went home, looked up the cd in my i-tunes store, and downloaded three or four of its best titles. i found the music to be peaceful and sweet as i went about my chores in my kitchen. this became my new favorite music. it was a beautiful gift from the Universe.

the next day i found myself having a bad day, a day feeling abandoned and alone, struggling with problems that had arisen from my new work and my new life. where were my messages? what was my direction? why did i feel so alone? in a moment i remembered my friend's words that everything, absolutely everything, is a message, and all the more so those things that become prominent to me, those things that are numinous. and what was numinous to me during this time was the music, the beautiful
state of grace music that i had playing in the kitchen. however, as much as i loved the melody and the tone, i had not looked into the lyrics. i decided to search my new music for messages.

i turned on my i-pod and listened as a piano began to play softly and slowly. "be still my soul...the Lord is on thy side," the words began, and i was surprised the music seemed to be sung solely for me. "stand calm within the storm of grief and pain." how could i have already listened to the songs several times without having studied their lyrics? "be still my soul when light you cannot see." what a perfect and lovely message was coming to me from the Universe through a yoga instructor that i didn't even know and never saw after that day, through a cd i didn't even own but only had in four songs on my i-pod. "trust in thy God to order and provide, through every change his faithful light remains. be still my soul, the restful peace within, through trying times leads to a joyful end."

i needed nothing more in the way of signs and wonders. be still my soul when light you cannot see...through every change his faithful light remains. i was not alone (cannot be alone), and in what seemed to feel like darkness, i was assured his faithful light (which remains true). the song reflected all the more clearly through every change his faithful light remains, and i knew no matter the changes going on in my life, i was supported and held. could an unexpected song from an unexpected place have been any more appropriate to my life?

but wait, the song also said trust in thy God to order and provide... i had never heard that expression before. we've all heard God provides...but trust God to order and provide? what a wonderful understanding filled me as i recognized that even when it seems nothing is working out, my life is being ordered from something Higher. i rested in the thought.

the next day i received an unexpected telephone call from an unlikely source and was asked to teach a course i haven't taught in three years. a contract lost became replaced with a contract received. and my life, as always, is ordered by the Universe and i am provided for. the truth is in the trust.

what are some of the messages coming through in your life? what might be trying to speak to you?


Concetta said...

I hadn't heard State of Grace (I, II or III), so wandered over to Amazon to listen a while. Lovely. I really like "Be Still My Soul" from the first album. Thanks for introducing me to it.

Tonight is rehearsal night for the gospel choir I recently joined. It's wonderful to sing again after years of not finding the time. I've never sung in this style and find myself surprisingly wrapped in the joy of it.

Music is a great connection to all manner of things. :o)

- Concetta

diana christine said...

concetta ~ i'm so glad to hear you love "state of grace" also. i adore the music. isn't it amazing how wonderful a thing can be that we just didn't have time for? of course it comes into being at the time that it is meant to do so, but our attention is called for to bring back in what is meaningful to our soul. lovely, that you are now in the choir and singing with joy....

Sophia said...

I also have a State of Grace album.

Not too long ago I made a post on my blog about hearing messages in songs. It's nice that you pick-up on that, too.