Thursday, February 15, 2007

one relationship

my world has become seamless, unified, whole. i have come to realize (feeling, understanding, and experiencing it) the presence of a single relationship, that of my relationship with the Universe. there is nothing else. everything is a gift from and an expression of the Universe.

the words written in that one short paragraph express my most profound spiritual experience.

there is only the Universe and me. and since i, too, am an expression of the Universe, the final truth is there is only One, and i am part of that One.

i have always read and heard, and believed i knew, that everything comes from God. you probably know the scripture as well as i do that "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights..." as well as many other such references.

understanding it more deeply...everything is that which is above. the meaning of these words has led me to so much more...i have only one relationship. everything else is an expression of this relationship. and my awareness of this changes everything and changes my response to everything.

i feel bereft...i struggle to put this profound experience into words.

every gift is from the Universe...and that would be so regardless of the judgment we place on such a gift. we judge "wealth" and "bankruptcy" very differently but both are gifts of experience and both bring lessons and opportunities to us. and every gift comes from above.

during the next days and weeks my writing will reflect how this awareness is playing out in my physical life. it's a little bit like this...when a disappointment comes my way i have no need to direct frustration onto the gift (the apparent cause of frustration) or even to become frustrated, but instead i go directly to the Source in a state of trust.

here is perhaps a more direct way to write of it...i entered my new year with the assurance of enough contracted work for the year that would be just enough for me to pay my bills. however, as january unfolded, the work began to fall away and january and february became a time with no income. my response was continued trust, and whenever i felt any emotions about it, i spoke of those emotions directly to the Universe rather than to the contractor, as both actions (the assurance of the work and the loss of the work) came from the Universe rather than from the contractor (who is also a gift from the Universe).

as it came to be, after i made the choice to leave my job and pursue my life's dream, some bonuses and unanticipated funds came into form. enough, as it turns out, to get me through january and february. i continue to be held by, supported by, and guided by the Universe.

words feel so completely inadequate to describe how i now experience life. it's a bit as though i sense the Universe on the "other side" of everything, shaping and creating everything that i see and hear, and my relationship with everything is in reality a relationship with the Source on the other side.

do you recall the movie Ghost when demi moore danced with patrick swayze through dancing with whoopi goldberg? that's kind of how i feel...when i dance with you or with a flower or with a scent or a sound, it is dancing with God through you or the flower or the scent or the sound.

this awareness does not absolve me of responsibility to my world and those in it. you see, if the Universe interacts with me through a person, my response to the Universe is through that same person. the Universe gives to me through a person and i give thanks to the Universe by expressing my thanks to that person (although i very well will also give thanks directly to the Universe). neglecting the person (the gift) is the same as neglecting the Universe.

i hope i am making sense to you, as this experience so fills me and guides me now.

photography by permission

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You're in a beautiful place. I look forward to your dispatches from this heart of peace and beauty.