Monday, February 19, 2007

the practice of one relationship

the learning of a lesson is less in its reception and more in its practice. i am practicing what i write and i will attempt to tell its story here.

it happens to be that i was in a store seeking to purchase a printer, and as it happens to be, the customer service was extremely poor. amidst several promises that i would be helped soon, i wisely used my waiting time to read what was available and made my own decision on which printer to purchase, doing so without the aid of technical advice. i took my product code to the cashier and after waiting quite some time in line, finally gave the attendant my code. she checked her stock, told me the item was in the store, but also told me i must await a salesman to get it for me (the same salesmen who had made numerous promises i would be assisted "soon"). i waited. i waited. finally a gentleman became available. now, though, he had my code and assured me after checking that my selection was indeed in the store, but he was now busy searching everywhere to find my requested printer and i was waiting again. i had been in the store for quite some time and by now was growing angry, upset with the lack of service and mourning my time waiting. i wanted to denounce such poor management (and i wanted to complain to anyone around me).

suddenly i remembered how it is that everything around me and everything i experience is within one relationship. there is nothing else. in an instant i became detached from the circumstance and my anger disappeared. i spoke to the salesman (who happened to be the head of technical assistance) and said, "i think perhaps i am not supposed to buy a printer today. there is no need to look further." (as it is he had already searched the store thoroughly, checking everything twice.) he asked me to wait until he checked something one more time so i gave him a couple of minutes and then spoke to him again. "this is not my day to buy a printer and i shall go now." i thanked him kindly for his efforts to help me and i walked out. all the frustration and anger that had been collecting within me during my many stages of waiting were gone and i felt only peacefulness.

this experience is more a feeling and less a thought and i struggle to make it make sense on paper. but that which i perceive in the world around me is merely an expression of things going on in the inside of something else. the printer wasn't coming together for me at this time so i simply let it go and the frustration that had so overtaken me in the store now disappeared in a moment. i held no blame (as in truth there was none). it was not my place to voice a complaint (there are times appropriate for my assessment and viewpoint on how things are but this was not one of them). the Universe was not creating a printer for me on this day, and there was no need for me to blame this poor mis-managed store.

two days later my travels unexpectedly took me next door to a master storehouse of all things technical, and i quickly and easily purchased a printer, one superior to what i had chosen earlier. and i learned a lesson in listening within when the voice of frustration seeks to be heard.

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