Friday, February 09, 2007


once upon a time it was that in the beginning of a year i set goals. resolutions, i called them, just like you perhaps.

this year i am not about making resolutions, at least not in an outcome-oriented kind of way. this year i am about practice.

instead of looking to see what i would like to achieve, during january i spent quite some time looking at what i would like to practice. instead of exploring what i want to do, i sought to know how i would like to be. what do i seek to practice.

after all is said and done, we are what we practice. we are not a thing achieved but instead we are the practice. what we practice is what we become.

what do i want to practice this year?

i seek to become ever more mindful, and as much as lieth within me, to be fully present in the moment that holds me. this is my rightful place. this is my place of wholeness.

i seek to enlarge the awareness of my own intentions (which is a part of mindfulness), especially in recognizing from where i am acting. in any moment am i coming from a place of ego or from a place of Spirit?

i seek to become less resistant. i seek to watch myself and observe every subtle form of resistance, for resistance is the heart of every struggle, the underpinning of every anguish. there is no suffering without resistance. and my work to be in ever less judgment, this is part of being less resistant, for judgment is a form of resistance.

i seek greater connection to my own Intuition, a practice of deep listening to and trusting (knowing) my Intuition.

i seek greater trust in the Universe, a deeper practice and greater understanding of such trust.

i seek silence as a daily practice, for herein i touch the deepest part of the Universe.

i will be deepening a number of spiritual practices during the coming weeks and will bring them to these pages, but these present my foundation, as all else extends from these.

this is my resolution.

may i be ever faithful to my own practice.

photography by permission

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