Monday, August 20, 2007

loving another

not long ago i began to notice oft-repeated whispers in my poetry that reflect how i am nourished by the love i feel for someone else. it seems to me i am fed…nurtured…fulfilled by the love i feel for someone, that it is not only the “other” who receives the love that i feel. i can adore you, admire you, take joy in you and cherish you, but in so doing, i receive from the love i feel. i am nourished by loving you. this is why falling in love feels so very good.

as i pondered these things it began to seem to me that perhaps i am the only one who can be nourished by the love i feel. after all, no matter what loving, affectionate, tender, or generous things i may say or do for you because of how i feel, in the end it is only i who feels the love i feel for you (as well you are the only one who feels the love you feel for me). we are the love we feel for someone else.

love is a nourishing river and its holder becomes the luxuriant ground made sodden. soaked we become in our own affections.

if this be so, there be no existence, then, of such that is called “unrequited love.” there is no “unreturned” love, for we receive only from the love that we feel within our own inside.

for those longing or desperately seeking to find love, all that is needed is for us to love. as long as we “look” for something or someone outside of us to make us feel loved, it will elude us.

our joy is in the loving…our work is to go forth and find that which we love, as life abounds with so much beauty, so much treasure, so much opportunity for us to pour out ourselves in our loving. and in the pouring out, we are loved.

my wish for you is that you find some thing, some one, some place, some part of life to love deeply and purely. and in your loving, you will be nurtured and fed.

photography by permission

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


when i was a little girl, i learned in mathematics that if it is true that a equals b and it is also true that b equals c, then it must be so that a equals c. i loved the little equation, and its rhythm became a spiritual truth for me. (i referred to this equation once before in a post in december 2006.)

i now read my words in yesterday's writing, my writing of courage. i wrote...if God is worth believing in, then God is worth trusting can i claim belief in Him without trusting Him with my life?

we know it is true that God is Good, God is Love, God is Truth, God is Light, God is Life, and God is within my own self. is it not also true, then, that i can substitute any of these words that equal God and come to a greater, deeper truth? such as this...

if Good is worth believing in, then Good is worth trusting in...


if Love is worth believing in, then Love is worth trusting in... and... how can i claim belief in Love without trusting Love with my life?

i trust Love...

i trust the Truth, i trust the Light, and i trust Life...

and then...

i step into the Unknown, knowing if i am worth believing in (after all, God and the Universe are within me), then i am worth trusting in...and i trust Me with my own life...

photography by permission
graham jeffrey

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


i gather my courage
like proper robes
that cloak me
that warm me
that protect me
from bitter winds

i step
into the Unknown
if God is worth believing in
then God is worth trusting in
and how can i claim belief in Him
without trusting Him with my life?

if courage were not called for
and my robes not needed
what would be the gift in that?

the winds of uncertainty
the chill of fear
they have no hold on me
for i have been dressed
in the best the Universe has to offer
and that of my own valor

photography by permission