Tuesday, August 14, 2007


i gather my courage
like proper robes
that cloak me
that warm me
that protect me
from bitter winds

i step
into the Unknown
if God is worth believing in
then God is worth trusting in
and how can i claim belief in Him
without trusting Him with my life?

if courage were not called for
and my robes not needed
what would be the gift in that?

the winds of uncertainty
the chill of fear
they have no hold on me
for i have been dressed
in the best the Universe has to offer
and that of my own valor

photography by permission


Anonymous said...

Your words touch me...God is here carrying me through life


diana christine said...

hi nasra. thank you for your touch, here in my site. yes, the Universe...God, if you will...in truth carries us. the more we touch this, the more we become.