Monday, September 03, 2007


perhaps my greatest courage is in my moments of surrender to the present moment, surrender to what the Universe has for me, surrender to what wants to be, and opening to it joyfully and expectantly.

i would love for life to meet my expectations; i would like to be everything i ever wanted to be--be as good as i've wanted to be, do wonderful things i have imagined, have beautiful things i have dreamed of. i've worked hard, struggled, tried to pay my way. but just when i think i can figure things out, make it all come together, i feel my intuitions calling me to greater surrender, greater letting go.

not letting go in a way of giving up, but letting go into trust, expectation that the Universe has far more to offer than i can ever come up with on my own. surrender is only part of the work. the other part is in being open, expectant, and receiving. perhaps it is the greater part.

my meditations now are to hold my openness to the Unknown, and hold it with surrender and expectation.

i will let you know how this unfolds....


Theo said...

in "The Program" i follow, we have a saying that life is "on ongoing process of awareness, surrender and growth." you have broken down and expressed the central componant of this equation beautifully. thank you.

thank you, also, for your visit and kind words. i can always use them.


Prema said...

What a surprise to find the same message that I have been getting lately. 'I surrender to the universe' has been my mantra of late. Surrendering all my needs and expectations and knowing that the universe has a much better plan for me. Thank you for re-inforcing this for me today.