Saturday, October 06, 2007


i have a story. you have a story too. it goes something like this….

a little girl is born (this much of the story is true). a little girl is born and she is told her name is katie (the name katie is not “true,” but is simply something that is being applied). she is told her name is katie and she is a smithsmart. she is told she is an american. she is told she is a christian. she is told what it means to be a smithsmart, what it means to be an american, what it means to be a christian, even what it means to be a girl. she is told lots of things, some things by the people around her and some things by the voice in her own head. she believes she is strong, or she believes she is weak. she believes she is smart; she believes she is stupid. she believes she is pretty. she believes she is ordinary, or plain, or ugly. she believes she is better than other people, or she believes she is lesser, or trashy, or poor. she believes she is a good student, a good employee, a good boss. or an okay one. or a bad one. she believes what belongs to her. she believes her house is hers, her land is hers. she believes what she believes.

everything, though, is a belief. everything is part of the story. we are living our story, our narrative.

the truth is that each one of us simply “is.” I AM, and everything else is a belief. diana christine is merely a name given to me at my birth, just a label by which to address me. american is simply a brand attached to me. everything i have believed since my birth is part of my narrative. everything you believe is part of your narrative.

and we need a story; we are here to play out a story and learn something from our narrative.

our problems arise when we become overly identified with our story, when we become attached to our story, when we believe our story is truth. we become stressed, we become depressed, and we become confused.

i am not here to suggest your story is not important, that it is not worthy of your best efforts. after all, your story gives a reflection of what is on the inside of you and provides a map for what you need to learn and how you need to grow. but i am asking that you recognize it for what it is, a story, and not “truth.” and i am asking that you spend some of every day in detachment from and observation of your story and your beliefs.

in truth you are whole and complete and pure. you are good. you are strong. you are beautiful. you are perfect.

so now, let’s bring that part of the truth into your story.

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Poison said...

beliefs are all that we have. i dont like certain groups of fanatics because of their beliefs. but mine are no better than their's. ultimately it all boils down to nothing, and sense of existence, of being.i find perfection in detachment only once in a other times, its a dirty mess to view at, even from a comfortable distance.what would be your take on this?

diana christine said...

Poison ~ thank you for being here. Yes, I will continue this conversation (this is an important conversation to me). I just wanted to check in to let you know I will return to respond soon....

Poison said...


shooting star said...

belief and faith..i thinkthats what the whole revolves around..what we chose or not choose to believe constantly changes according to our experiences in life.....thats why people change their religion, name and now also gender.....

detachment..i think it should be towards other people and surrounding ....not from one we are the only being who can redeem ourselves from the depth of hell or elevate ourselves to ectasy of heaven......

diana christine said...

Poison ~ I agree, it is challenging to step outside our stories, our beliefs, even once in a while, and when we do, we tend to get sucked back in again. This calls for practice. But every moment that we step outside of our belief system is a moment of peace, a moment of truth. I'm glad you recognize that one's beliefs are no better than another's beliefs, yet we dislike another because of his. How silly we all are. (Being "better than" is a judgment, anyway, and when did judgment become a good thing?)

We actually have two things, our beliefs and the pure essence of who we are. As we improve in being able to step outside our beliefs (our narrative, the stories we tell ourselves), we become more of who we really are. And we become more objective, more open, and more clear.

diana christine said...

Shooting Star ~ I am pleased to meet you here, and honored.

Detachment...we do not seek detachment from our self (the self is true and pure, and connection is what we want) but we want detachment from our story, from our narrative, from all the things we tell our self, from what we believe. (We cannot actually be disconnected from our own self; we can only be unable to see the connection.)

I must note, too, that "detachment" is not "separation." I can be "detached from" others (not believing myself obligated to or victim to in any way) but I do not seek to be "separated from" others. Separation from others is not truth (we are all one) and the belief in separation leads to pain, depression, hatred, mistrust, and hurtful behavior.

And yes! You are correct that we are the one who redeems ourself from the depths of hell or elevates ourself to the ecstasy of heaven.