Tuesday, March 11, 2008

stargazer lilies

every day i am witness to a miracle. every day i am witness to new petals opening up to the Universe in glorious vulnerability, beauty, and faith.

the fragrance of lilies fills my home, wet and earthy and heavy in the air.

i breathe deeply.

i drink it in.

i keep this flower next to me because i love it so, and it has become for me a symbol of my own opening up, my own readiness to receive, my own willingness to trust. every morning i begin my day in silence and in reception. and all day i breathe the fragrance of flowers that remind me.

what a beautiful gift these flowers in my world.

i am sorry for my long absence, and for my many absences.

i have been teaching these past weeks and am doing so seven days a week (this will continue for one more month). life is busy, but good.

thank you for being here, for being part of my path and part of my world. let us continue our struggle together in our efforts to be awake, to be aware, and to be alive.