Tuesday, March 11, 2008

stargazer lilies

every day i am witness to a miracle. every day i am witness to new petals opening up to the Universe in glorious vulnerability, beauty, and faith.

the fragrance of lilies fills my home, wet and earthy and heavy in the air.

i breathe deeply.

i drink it in.

i keep this flower next to me because i love it so, and it has become for me a symbol of my own opening up, my own readiness to receive, my own willingness to trust. every morning i begin my day in silence and in reception. and all day i breathe the fragrance of flowers that remind me.

what a beautiful gift these flowers in my world.


Pranay said...

Hi....As strange as it is, I read your comment on my blog 'What's up Doc?' today. and felt like sayin a big thank you for your kind words.
Don't think I deserve them.....All the best for your endeavours...Cheers.

diana christine said...

Pranay ~ you are most welcome. And please, do let me know when you make that trip to the U.S.!